NEW: Autistic Spectrum Condition Diagnostic Service (5yo+)

Autism Diagnosis for children and young people aged 5 to 18, bookings available

Autistic Spectrum Condition (1yo-5yo)

We offer autism diagnostic assessments.

Speech & Language Therapy and Assessments

We offer speech and language therapy sessions and assessments, including assessments for EHCP applications and Tribunal assessments.

Occupational Therapy and Assessments

We offer occupational therapy sessions and assessments, including assessments for EHCP applications.

Feeding Assessments

The feeding and swallowing service provides assessment and therapy to infants and children throughout their feeding development.

Educational Psychology Assessments

We offer educational psychology assessments.

Dyslexia Assessments (age 8yo-11yo)

We offer dyslexia assessments.

Creative Child Counsellor (age 3yo-13yo)

We offer child counselling therapy sessions.

General Development Assessments (1yo-5yo)

We offer general development assessments.

Developmental Coordination Disorder Assessments

We offer developmental coordination disorder assessments.