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Speech and Language Therapy Sessions

Age Range: 1-25 years

Designed for: Families

Our Speech and Language Therapy sessions are a collaboration between the child, their family, and the therapist. This collaboration supports the identification of therapy goals that can be reviewed and developed as the child makes progress.

The activities used during intervention are selected to support the child’s needs and therapy goals, as well as being motivating and interesting for the child. The aim of intervention is for the child to develop their communication skills with the therapist and then generalise the use of these new skills outside the therapy room with their families.

Speech and Language Therapy Interventions can involve:

  • Listening and focus
  • Following instructions
  • Auditory processing
  • Receptive language (e.g. following instructions, understanding words and what people are saying, etc.)
  • Expressive language (e.g. slow to start speaking, grammatical errors, limited spoken language, taking time to think of what they want to say, etc.)
  • Social skills (e.g. conversational skills, interaction with peers, playing with peers, taking turns, etc.)
  • Speech sounds (e.g. speech that is difficult to understand)
  • Stuttering/stammering (e.g. repetition of words, words feel stuck, etc.)
  • Phonological awareness (e.g. difficulty with rhyming, sound awareness, literacy, etc)

Our Process