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Expert Witness Assessments for Tribunals

Age Range: 1-25 years

Designed for: Families

Our senior therapists use their expertise and experience to collate a thorough picture of the child’s needs. Through consultation with family, teachers and school staff, as well as other relevant professionals, they will build a picture of the young person’s strengths and needs, and identify the goals and effective provision for their Educational Health Care Plan.

Following the submission of the report, our therapist is available to support mediation or to sit as an expert witness in a tribunal hearing.

We currently only have capacity for these assessments in the Speech and Language Therapy team, as we are fully booked for our other services.

Assessments for Tribunals:

  • Completed by senior therapist
  • Takes place in a school setting (or other appropriate venue)
  • In consultation with family, teacher or other professionals
  • Standardised assessment process
  • Details child’s strength and specific needs
  • Foundation for an Educational Health Care Plan
  • Full report submission
  • Therapist can support mediation or serve as expert witness in a tribunal