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Feeding Therapy Sessions

Age Range: 1-15 years

Designed for: Families

Therapy sessions are fun, play-based meetings between a specialist therapist, family members and the child to support the development of a healthy relationship with food and feeding. Following an initial assessment, the therapist will establish a plan of clinical intervention and suggest strategies for home and family life. Sessions are designed to encourage the child, with no expectation or pressure around eating within the session. The therapist works closely with the family and will provide feedback week-on-week, as well as advising on potential further referrals to support dietary and nutritional needs.

Feeding Therapy Sessions can involve:

  • Initial assessment to identify needs
  • Review potential referrals
  • Intervention plan
  • Strategies for the home
  • Fun and play-based sessions
  • Weekly feedback
  • Nutritional advice
  • Referral to dietician

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