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Creative Child Counsellor & Play Therapy Sessions

Age Range: 3-13 years

Designed for: Families

Our Creative Counsellors and Play Therapists are skilled in supporting children with particular needs such as anxiety, stress or worry, or who have experienced trauma. They combine creative outlets with traditional talk therapy to help the child navigate their experiences and feelings. The therapist builds rapport in a confidential, comfortable environment in which the child is able to self-reflect.

Creative Child Counsellor and Play Therapy Sessions can involve:

  • Addressing self-esteem, loss, anxiety and stress
  • Creative arts and play-based mediums
  • Talking therapy
  • Attachment therapy

Our Process

Step 1

Referral information is collected from parents/carers or school by our admin team and reviewed by our specialist clinicians.

Step 2

The assessment is conducted by a skilled therapist that will utilise a range of standardised assessments, informal observations, informal discussion with parent/carer or teaching staff. Assessment tools are selected by the therapist and are delivered at an appropriate level for the child or young person to access.

Step 3

The clinicians will provide feedback and recommendations for next steps where appropriate.