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Autistic Spectrum Conditions Clinic

Age Range: 5-18 years (children under 4years are assessed by our Paediatrician)

Designed for: Families

Our diagnostic assessments are carried out over a full day and can be completed remotely or within our Sloane Square clinic.

The assessment is broken into 3 parts:  

  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – 2 (ADOS-2), completed with the young person.
  • Adapted Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI-R), completed with parents/carers.
  • Feedback on Diagnostic Conclusion, completed with parents/carers and young person as appropriate.


Following conclusion of the assessment, a detailed report is provided, breaking down the findings which led to the diagnostic conclusion. If a conclusion cannot be made and additional observations are required e.g., within an education setting, then this will be discussed at this time.

We also work alongside paediatricians who have completed general developmental assessments and ADI-R by completing the ADOS portion of the assessment to enable a diagnostic conclusion.

In addition we have a growing post diagnostic service. At present there is a new Anxiety Management intervention service developed and lead by our assistant psychologists which can be access remotely or in clinic.

The Autism Spectrum Conditions Clinic involves:

  • Review of Social Communication Concerns
  • Review of Sensory Processing Difficulties
  • Review of Developmental History
  • Play-based Assessment
  • An interview with the young person
  • Post Diagnostic support

The Assessment Process

Step 1

Referral information is collected from parents/carers and school by our admin team and reviewed by our specialist clinicians. Once reviewed and assessment date and time will be confirmed with the family.

Step 2

The assessment consists of 3 appointments spread across a day including a parental interview and young person interview or play-based assessment is completed with the child/young person being assessed, and feedback.

Step 3

During feedback, clinicians will provide a breakdown of findings and where appropriate a diagnosis.

Step 4

We offer post-diagnostic support in the form of group intervention sessions, parent consultations, anxiety management pathways and onward referrals as required.