Stephanie Ogunmilade

Occupational Therapist

Stephanie is an Occupational Therapy Assistant at the London Children’s Practice. Stephanie obtained her MSc Occupational Therapy degree at Brunel University. Currently, Stephanie works for London Children’s practice as an occupational therapy assistant in schools as well as in the clinic.  

Stephanie has experience working across a different health care settings, visits mainstream schools to provide occupational therapy for children who require support for various needs including handwriting difficulties, behavioural needs, emotional regulation, fine and gross motor skills.  

Over the course of her degree, Stephanie has completed placements in various settings:  

Adult Social Care

Types of Intervention provided: home assessments, provision of major and minor home adaptations to promote independent living, advocating on behalf of clients to have needs met by local council. 

Inpatient Surgical Rehabilitation

Types of interventions provided: post-surgery home visits and equipment provision, mobility practice, wheelchair mobility and stairs assessments.  

Accident and Emergency

Types of interventions provided: mobility and cognitive assessments, equipment provision mobility and transfer practice. 

Paediatric Occupational therapy 

Types of interventions provided: Assessments, attention building, zones of regulation to support emotional regulation, handwriting and other related activities aimed at developing fine and gross motor skills.  

Additionally, Stephanie has experience working with young people aged 15-17 on a social development programme (the National Citizen Service) aimed at developing skills including team building, independent living and contributing to their local communities. Stephanie also has experience supporting individuals with spinal cord injuries, supporting, and empowering them to maintain independence with their daily occupations.  

Stephanie has received training in the following areas: 

– Zones of Regulation 

– Handwriting (including use of the CO-OP Method) 

– Sensory Integration 

– Use of standardised assessments including the Movement ABC and the Beery VMI  


Stephanie has good communication skills which she uses to work effectively in a multidisciplinary team and subsequently provide client-centred care. 

Having completed interventions in a variety of settings, Stephanie is able to adapt her approach to appropriately address their diverse needs of her clients. This ability to adapt as needed also enables her to build a good rapport with clients and their families. 

Stephanie also speaks Yoruba. Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys video editing, arts and crafts, spending time with her family and eating Korean food.