Occupational Therapy and Assessments

Occupational Therapy Assessments

Occupational Therapy Assessments

An OT assessment can look at:

·        gross and fine motor skills

·        sensory processing

·        attention and focus

·        coordination and movement

In an OT assessment, we use a combination of standardised and non-standardised assessments. Typically, this will include the Movement ABC to assess fine and gross motor skills by playing games; the BEERY VMI, which looks at visual-motor integration through copying pictures of shapes; and a sensory profile, which is a parent questionnaire looking at how your child uses each of their sensory systems (e.g. sight, touch, hearing, smell, movement, etc). The assessment will be customised according to concerns expressed on a parent questionnaire provided ahead of the assessment.

Occupational Therapy

Therapy sessions can be for either 30mins, 45mins or 60mins. Your assessor will be able to recommend this after the assessment. We can offer sessions weekly over term time or an intensive over school holidays.

Independent Occupational Therapy EHCP Assessments

We offer Independent Occupational Therapy assessments for Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) applications.