Holiday Groups

February 1/2 Term Groups

To enrol please email or call 0207 467 9520

Toddler Group

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9.30-10.30am age 2yo-4yo £50 p/day

This group allows time and space for the child to learn through satisfying play, while developing their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, balance and co-ordination. Children also develop pre- school skills which are important, such as turn taking and working together with others in a safe and friendly environment

Handwriting Group

Monday to Friday 11.00-12.00pm age 5yo-8yo £50 p/day

This group aims to help with letter formation, letter orientation, sizing, and correct placement of letters along with building a functional pencil grip.

Expressive Language

Monday to Friday 1.15-2.15pm age 5yo-8yo £50 p/day

This group focus on conversation skills, play skills, language structure and vocabulary. This group is aimed at children who are independent and could benefit from added exposure to help build their expressive language.

Attention Builders

Monday to Friday 3.00-4.00pm age 3yo-5yo £50 p/day

This group is aimed at children who can engage in a group setting without adult support, but would benefit from developing their attention to non-preferred and adult led activities.

Art Therapy

Monday 13/02 & Tuesday 14/02 9.30-10.30am & 11.00-12.00pm, 5yo-10yo, £70 /p/group

In this workshop Francesca will support children in exploring feelings of anger and hate, helping children find their voice and act with kindness. Francesca will begin the workshop by reading Margot Sunderland’s therapeutic story ‘How Hattie Hated Kindness’, exploring the experiences and emotions of Hattie and asking the children to think of their own. Francesca will engage children through the use of hard and soft sensory objects to represent difficult, painful, gentle and calm feelings, discussing how these objects make them feel. Children will also learn a fun breathing exercise to gain a sense of calmness and control when angry. The children will then get creative, using arts and crafts resources to make a Rocket Ship- the perfect calm down retreat! On this rocket the children will think of ways they can regulate themselves when they are ‘about to take off!