Tara Mofarah-Ghasri

Speech and Language Therapist

Tara is a Speech and Language therapist at The London Children’s Practice. Tara obtained her degree in Speech and Language therapy from Birmingham City University in 2020. She currently works primarily with children with speech sound disorders and autism. She has a special interest in bilingualism and speaks Farsi herself, and has a passion for helping children find their voice and building their confidence.   

Throughout her first year of practice Tara has worked with a range of children varying in ages between 2 and 13 years old and with a range of speech and language needs, including Speech Sound Disorders, Language Delays and Social communication needs.   

Tara has a special interest in dysphagia and swallowing difficulties and is aiming to train and specify in this area over the coming year. Tara has also carried out training in managing behavioural difficulties, the Zones of Regulation and has attended Diversity workshops with the Royal College of Speech and Language therapy.   

Tara is registered with the Health Care Professional Council and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy.