Aimee Rhodes

Speech and Language Therapist

 Aimee is Speech and Language Therapist at the London Children’s Practice. Aimee Obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Birmingham city university in 2020, Aimee works primarily with early years and school aged children.  

During university, Aimee had the opportunity to work with paediatric and adult caseloads. She developed an interest for working with children in early years, and with those diagnosed with ASD and other developmental disabilities. Aimee has a passion for supporting children to develop their communication and language skills. 

Aimee has been working with children from early years to adolescence and has had the opportunity to work within multidisciplinary team to further develop her knowledge. She has had the chance to research and work with language disorders and is developing her skill in that area. Aimee aims to support children of all needs to develop their communication skills to ensure that they can access education appropriately, and importantly maintain healthy emotional well-being. 

Aimee has received training in working with children with Selective Mutism, using ‘Superflex’, and working with adolescents with language disorders. Aimee is aiming to develop her research and experience working with children with social communication difficulties and ASD.  

Aimee enjoys baking and travelling in her spare time.